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SUPERTITE & The CRYSTAL NINJA launch the ultimate Nail Art Adhesive


UPERTITE and the CRYSTAL NINJA have recently collaborated and launched the ultimate line of NAIL Art adhesives. Compared to common nail glues in the market that are basic super glues, they are not technically safe for human cuticle bonding as the chemicals found in here may be classified as irritants or overall hazardous.

However the newly released Ninja SuperFlex and Ninja SuperGrip are classified as NON-TOXIC, NON-IRRITANT adhesives- which means no odors, safe on skin in case of accidents and no irritations. If your glue states ethyl-cyanoacrylate then they are not safe for your nails! Choose the best- SUPERTITE for CANCER FREE chemical adhesives. 

CRYSTAL NINJA will be showing demonstrations at various nail conventions this spring, summer and fall. 

Universal Eco Glue 20g- Eliminating Solvent based glues


Supertite's Universal Eco Glue is a new and improved industrial water-based adhesive that bonds all subtrates. Unviersal Eco Glue is perfect for DIY repairs as well as Hobby/Craft activities. The adhesive technology is SOLVENT-FREE, Non-Toxic and has received the AP seal of approval from ACMI for use by children. Water-based adhesive technology is a little slower than solvent based contact adhesives- however Supertite's Universal Eco Glue uses stronger bonding resins in its formula to help out perform solvent based toxic adhesives once cured. Universal Eco Glue is perfect for embellishment and crystal blinging projects and is sold in starter kits with the Crystal Ninja Crystal Katana tool kit and Swarovski crystals. 



Supertite Adhesives offers the world's largest selection of Child safe adhesives for school, office and craft use!

Supertite has received the AP seal from ACMI for child safe adhesives on over 7 different adhesive technologies. 

Take the health risk out of the equation with your kids crafting and project needs by using Supertite adhesives. 

Additionally, Supertite school adhesives meet the more strict regulations in Europe, which currently USA brands cannot meet for toxilogically safe school glues!

New Product Range ECO


New environmentally friendly products. Follow the link to find out more.