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Precision Craft Glue (60g/1.91fl oz) with Pin Cap, Ref. 1113

1 PC

The Supertite Precision Craft Glue (60g/1.91fl oz) kit is the go to glue solution for paper and card stock craft making projects, with the added benefit of being solvent free and non-toxic. Supertite's Precision Craft Glue is engineered with reduced water content to avoid paper wrinkling and increased resin content to provide a strong yet flexible bond for all your paper crafting needs. Supertite Precision Craft Glue bonds fabric, paper, cardstock, plastic, wood and more! This product is great for Mixed Media card stock crafts, paper quilling, and multiple stationary uses. The Precision Pin-Cap allows users to apply a fine amount of craft glue down onto the surface and when complete the pin-cap prevents any clogging in the precision gauge applicator. The Pin-Cap is 0.5" inches long. Additionally, if you want to make larger applications of glue, then simply unscrew the bottom tip holder with 2 more choices of glue application sizes, essentially 3 different nozzle sizes in 1!