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SUPERTite Adhesives mission charter is to strive for and provide the best VALUE in the market; simply supplying our customers with the highest quality (including chemical safety) of Adhesive & Do-It-Yourself (DIY) adhesive products for the best price. Supertite wants to help improve our customers life by providing safe, high value & quality products with great Customer Service. WOW! what a revalation! SUPERTite is a SUPERValue. We help you fix/repair everything!


SUPERTites Vision is to become one of the world’s leading Value-based, Chemical Formula Safe and Customer Service Oriented manufacturers and suppliers of Adhesives and DIY products.


  • Create & Develop Safe Top-Quality Adhesives
  • Focus on Needs of our International Customers
  • Provide the Market with the “Best” Price products
  • Create Value for our Customers through Package and Adhesive Formula
  • Encourage Employee Creativity
  • Keep Brand Loyalty
  • Continue to Drive Chemical Awareness & Safety to Customers

Commitment to Value

(Top Quality and Great Price)

SUPERTite´s main focus is to provide customers with a top quality product and a very competitive price- We here at SUPERTite truly believe customers deserve this still today and we put all our energy into this concept of providing Value through focusing on research and development, clean production methods, using the best available chemical raw materials, offering great customer service and in the end giving the customer the best price we can offer. If we have done all these things- then SUPERTite firmly believes the customer will be buying the best product available in the marketplace.