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About Us

SUPERTITE is dedicated to offering retail stores and their customers a range of performance and value driven glues for DIY Home & Auto, General Purpose, Craft/Hobby and School/Office Stationary use. Since 1997, the Supertite brand has grown globally in the number of product offerings, as well as, market reach to become the market leader in big box and discount retail stores, while adding one-of-a-kind adhesive product solutions year after year. In recent years Supertite has added additional adhesive categories such as the Ecologic Adhesive range and Hobby/Craft Adhesive range to meet our customer demands for better and chemically safer adhesive solutions. Supertite offers the best and most complete range of adhesives guaranteed to meet EU Health/Safety regulations for packaged chemical consumer goods. Supertite is also registered with ACMI in the US and has AP and CL certifications on their products, holding the most child approved AP seals for a variety of adhesive formulas. Supertite guarantees that all products have been manufactured and passed rigorous quality control checks within the factories of the Unecol Group, located in Spain, China and the United States.

Keep in mind that Supertite is part of the larger adhesive organization UNECOL that manufactures many different adhesive formulas and Private Label brand names under one roof, allowing for top quality products and a strong control on costs, while exporting to over 60 countries worldwide.

SUPERTite is a SUPERValue. The safest glues for the toughest jobs! We help you create, fix and repair everything without toxic chemical adhesives! 

For Businesses and Wholesalers:The Supertite brand can offer your market and your retailers vast opportunities to compete in the retail adhesive sector by not only delivering quality product at a low price, but also to provide a portfolio of adhesive solutions to meet market interests, marketing and sales material support and most importantly a solid profit. 

SUPERTite employees are the key to our success. Their creativity in developing products and their constant and active commitment of service to customers and sales network, means embodying vital human capital. Consequently, management places great importance on training and developing the capacity and ability of all its employees through creativity, problem solving and of course testing our glues on real-life situations.

One big family

SUPERTite is considered as one big family, where teamwork and trust have priority. An open dialogue with all partners facilitates a positive business philosophy, in which problems can be quickly addressed and resolved. All officers and employees are committed to follow this code of conduct. SUPERTite is the leading DIY consumer retail brand of UNECOL Adhesives.


SUPERTite, better known as Supertite SAM, S.A. ( was created in 1997 as a Consumer and Retail focused adhesive business unit of UNECOL S.A., est in 1973 (formerly known as GYMCOL S.A.); a leading global manufacturer of adhesive solutions and sealants for the industrial and professional sector.


Working Partnerships


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