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Ref-1136 Supertite Universal Epoxy KIT 4oz - Clear 30min Cure

2 PCS (Part A & Part B)

UNIVERSAL EPOXY KIT - CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Clean all surfaces to be bonded. Roughen surfaces to create a micro grooved surface, wipe clean & dry surfaces. 2) Measure & mix equal parts of epoxy resin & hardener into a paper/plastic cup. Mix & stir with a plastic or wood stick for 3 minutes. 3) Apply mixed epoxy to surfaces to be bonded. 4) Apply pressure as needed & clamp bond if needed. 5) Surfaces can be manipulated within 30-45 minutes prior to setting. Maximum resistance is obtained after 24 hours. 6) Store at room temperature away from sunlight. Colder temperatures increase set time.